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The story of Nongqawuse and the Xhosa cattle killings

Image modified by the author. Based on a photo by Constantinos Kollias on Unsplash.

It’s April 1856 in what we now call South Africa. Nongqawuse, a 15-year-old girl from the Xhosa Nation, is fetching water from a pond near the mouth of the Gxarha River. Although she doesn’t know it yet, she’s about to become the most infamous prophet of the Xhosa people — a prophet who will not only doom, but almost entirely wipe out her nation.

As she kneels down to lower the empty jug into the water, she looks at her image reflected on the water’s surface. Once again, she wonders if that’s how her mother had looked like.

Nongqawuse had…

Oh So Clear

You need to figure out what works for *you*

Image by the author.

Listen up you fumbling bumbling wannabe word slinger! You nincompoop of a writer. Today’s your lucky day. You’ve finally found me and I know exactly how you should write. So stop looking for advice and just listen to me. And don’t you dare clicking away from this wisdom-packed article or you’ll regret it for the rest of your pitiful writing career.

I’m an almighty know-it-all kick-ass writer who has figured it all out. I’ve burned Shakespeare’s books and snorted the remains. And now his genius flows through my sinuses. I can teach you not only how to write, but also…

All images by the author.

A major benefit of living together

David B. Clear

Cartoonist, science fan, PhD, eukaryote. Doesn't eat cats, dogs, nor other animals.

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