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David B. Clear

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An introduction to combustion for simpletons like me

Image by the author.

Hey, you! Do you know what fire is? Do you know how it works? I don’t mean how to turn on the stove or light a match. I mean, do you know what exactly is happening when you apply heat to a fuel and it suddenly bursts into flames? Why heat creates fire in the first place? Why flames are blue at their base and red and orangey at the top? Why fire emits light? Why fire needs oxygen?

No? Well, don’t you feel a little embarrassed?

There you are, proudly calling yourself a Homo sapiens — a knowledgeable ape…

Oh So Clear

A reality check

Image by the author. Based on a photo by Shafagh Faridifar on Unsplash.

I grew up watching movies like Karate Kid and The Empire Strikes Back. And you know what? They put some completely boneheaded ideas into my mind — and yours probably as well.

Are you a skinny teenager with as much martial arts experience as a sheep and want to become a karate champion? No problem. Just spend a summer waxing some cars, painting some fences, and sanding the floor. Or are you a farmboy who wants to destroy an entire galactic empire? Piece of cake. …

David B. Clear

Cartoonist, science fan, PhD, eukaryote. Doesn't eat cats, dogs, nor other animals.

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