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David B. Clear

Today’s random story from the archives

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A quick look at their supraorbital glands

Image modified by the author. Based on a photo by Francesca Hotchin on Unsplash.

If I was a penguin, I would be wearing a handkerchief in the breast pocket of my tuxedo. Not only would it complete my formal look, but it would come quite handy.

You see, penguins sneeze a lot. They don’t do it exactly like you and I would. For one…

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Image by the author.

I have crippling perfectionist tendencies. It’s not so bad that I don’t get shit done, but it’s bad enough that it takes me ridiculous amounts of time to finish anything that I care about.

For instance, it took me a whole 17 years from stepping foot into college for the…

Oh So Clear

Writer’s block isn’t one of them

Image by the author.

Writer’s block is bullpoop. By that I don’t mean it doesn’t exist. …

David B. Clear

Cartoonist, science fan, PhD, eukaryote. Doesn't eat cats, dogs, nor other animals.

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