A Quick Tip for My Fellow Perfectionist Writers

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David B. Clear
3 min readOct 13, 2021
Image by the author.

I have crippling perfectionist tendencies. It’s not so bad that I don’t get shit done, but it’s bad enough that it takes me ridiculous amounts of time to finish anything that I care about.

For instance, it took me a whole 17 years from stepping foot into college for the first time until I walked out with a PhD. That’s a long-ass time.

But I’ve always been that way and I still am. Case in point, nowadays it still takes me hours upon hours to write a short 5-minute blog post.

Sure, I usually do my own illustrations and try to research the topic at hand thoroughly, but still, investing over 20 hours into a 5-minute piece that then flops is no fun.

How to kill that inner perfectionist bastard

About a year ago, I discovered that besides writing, I enjoy drawing comics too. And for some mysterious reason, I’m not a perfectionist cartoonist. I can sit down in front of my blank tablet and have a dumb comic finished and published in not much more than an hour.

This made me realize something. I don’t care about my comics too much for one simple reason — the stakes are low.



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