Hey Julia,

Thanks for sharing your insights. I think it’s great that you’re comfortable with relieving yourself anywhere and don’t care too much about the stares.

As to the history of the device, I’m not sure. It might have been female sailors. Although I heard that it originated with female mountaineers, rock climbers, or adventurers going into Arctic regions. Unfortunately, a quick Google search didn’t yield an answer.

Have you traveled around India? If so, I wonder what your experience there was. I hear that even for local women finding a safe place to pee is a big issue. There was a whole “Right to Pee” campaign there a few years back and at least one hindi movie has been made about the lack of toilets for women.

Luckily, Fabi didn’t have any problems in India because she peed standing and locals probably weren’t aware of what she was doing when they saw her from a little distance. Also, I (her husband) was always nearby. But I wonder how it would have been in India for a female solo traveler squatting somewhere in public on her own.

Science fan, cartoonist, PhD, eukaryote. Doesn't eat cats, dogs, nor other animals.

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