Robert Turner, I meant the approach advocated here, under the section titled “Add Your Older Stories Under Your New Stories”. From that article:

Add embedded stories at the end of your newest article.

While it is advised against to use embedded links in the middle of your story as it might break the reading flow, it’s not disturbing at the end of the text.

I think that this approach is quite different from littering your whole story with self-promotion, which I think would definetly be frowned upon by the curators.

But featuring your own articles at the end seems to be okay from the curators point of view. I was worried about that myself, and so I asked the author that recommended the approach, and this is what she told me:

As far as curation guidelines there is no mention in there not to promote your own Medium articles. At least for me, it was never a problem to get curated. If you advertise external products or you embed forms, yes that goes against curation guidelines and it won’t get curated.

As for publications, I know that there are a few publications who specifically asks you not to embed articles IN THE TEXT and they might also ask you to remove your articles from the end. But I don’t know about any publication who would reject an article because of this, they would just remove it or ask you to do so.

I’ve seen several authors list two or three articles at the end of their stories and it never bothered me. After all, I reached the end of their story because I enjoyed their writing. And since I enjoyed their writing, I was of course interested in what else they had written.

But good point about taking into account that some readers might consider that spamming.

And you also make an excellent point about the problems that would arise if you link to stories that you delete at a later point. I hadn’t thought about that.

Medium is awesome and a lot of fun. But as a new writer it is also confusing at times, especially when you read contradictory advice from more veteran writers.

Thanks for the discussion! And thanks for providing advice to newer writers like myself!

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