Wanna Live? Then Rid Yourself of Those Damn Obligations!

A comic (plus some thoughts)

David B. Clear


All images by the author.

Hey, you! Yes, you, the one with the purple face and panic in the eyes!

Listen to me.

Unless you can decide how you’re going to spend the next month, the next week, the next day, and the next hour, you aren’t free. You’re living within the crumbs left over after your boss, your clients, your parents, your spouse, and your probation officer have sliced up and devoured your time like a pizza.

But living within pizza crumbs of time isn’t living. It’s drowning. It’s drowning within obligations.

And if you’re drowning, all the meditation and relaxation and deep breaths in the world won’t help you.

No, the only way to relieve that sense of overwhelming stress and panic that’s building up within you is to rid yourself of some of those damn obligations — to get rid of that massive anchor that’s pulling you down to the deep depths of the ocean.

Yes, I know, you need to earn money. You’re not a Chihuahua living for free in someone’s handbag. And yes, you also need to be there for your children. And you need to show up in court when you have an appointment with a judge.

But other than that, do you really need to do all the things you’re doing? Do you really have to restrict your freedom on a daily basis by letting others command over the whole 24 hours of your day?

There are so many things you don’t really have to do. And yet, most of us give away our time as if it was infinite — as if we had a never-ending supply of pizza. But the reality is there’s just one pizza — one life.

So don’t give it away willy-nilly. Protect your pizza. Protect your time. It’s the only way to have some freedom.

(Bonus panels here)

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