What My Teacher Taught Me about Sex

A comic

David B. Clear


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Okay. Sex ed wasn’t that awkward. We just had our teacher drawing some diagrams of the plumbing of both sexes, an explanation of STDs, and a discussion of various contraceptives.

But I still felt a little awkward listening to our social sciences teacher explaining all that.

And it’s not because of my parents.

I mean, I remember my mom buying a huge box of condoms when I was maybe thirteen years old and keeping it in the household bathroom in case I ever needed one (or more). And she also bought me a tittie magazine and handed it to me with the words “I don’t want you to become prudish.”

My wife Fabi, meanwhile, grew up in Bolivia and there the whole topic of sex was taboo. It just wasn’t something that was talked about.

In fact, to this day she refuses to buy condoms in our little town and only buys them in the city were no one knows her.

So I’m thinking if we ever have teenage kids, I’m going to force them to buy condoms until I’m sure they’ll never hesitate to get some whenever they’ll need them.



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