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David B. Clear

A quick look at the Helmholtz illusion

Image by the author.

ca-lli-py-gous |kal-uh-pahy-guhs|
having beautifully shaped buttocks.
Example: David has a well-rounded cherry-shaped ass. That’s why we call him callipygous David.
Synonyms: bootylicious, bumtastic, callipygian, rumpalicious

Despite what the above dictionary entry says, no one calls me callipygous David. And it’s not because I haven’t tried to plant the idea. But the moniker never caught on. I suspect it’s because my legs are directly attached to my flat lower back, with nothing slappable in between.

So, since my genetics haven’t endowed me with the lush curves of an oiled beluga whale squeezed into a corset, I have to resort to…

Oh So Clear

Just write!

Image by the author.

You may not know this, but you have a roll of toilet paper stuck in your brain. It’s an endless roll where each little sheet is an idea. And if you begin to pull on that toilet paper, or have your muse pull on it, ideas begin to unravel. Since as a writer your job boils down to nothing more than sharing such ideas, all you really need to learn to keep publishing is how to pull on that roll. Luckily, it’s fairly easy.

You see, when I first convinced myself that becoming a writer wasn’t an utterly moronic idea…

David B. Clear

Cartoonist, science fan, PhD, eukaryote. Doesn't eat cats, dogs, nor other animals.

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