Hello there! I'm David B. Clear, a kickass writer and cartoonist.

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No? Alright. I understand. You might not know who the poopy-pants I am. So let me tell you a bit about me.

Here, you see that dude below? That's me!

As you can see, I pretend to be super happy, although in reality I'm as cheerful as a vegan in a slaughterhouse.

The cutie below, that's my wife Fabi and she appears in many of my comics.

She's from Bolivia and a direct descendant of the Incas, which makes her badass since her ancestors used to rip hearts out of people. In case you want to see Fabi and me in real life, here you go:

What?! No! That's not panic in her eyes! She's smiling under that mask! Geez ...

Anyway ...

If you want to see us in action, here's a panel from one of my comics:

And here's another one:

Now, not all my comics feature just Fabi and me. There's a whole other cast of people who may show up, like some of these guys here:

But wait, there's more!

Did I already mention I'm a kickass writer? I did? Well, I am! And if you want to become one too, don't fret! I have a bi-weekly column with one of the biggest pubs on Medium. There I share essays that are all about the writing craft. In them, I'll show you how not to sound like a squeaky rubber duck.

And before I forget, I've also got a PhD and am a huge science fan! That means I can teach you a whole lot of interesting sh*t.

Finally, I'm also a world traveler and photographer. Here's a pic I took of Fabi and me in Iceland:

Here's one I took in Krakow, Poland:

Here's one I took in Cambodia:

And here's a selfie I took back home on an average Monday morning:

Alright, that's it!

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